The saddest thing about Flint, Michigan

The saddest thing about Flint, Michigan is that this is everywhere in the world. How many news outlets do you need before you wake the F up? Wait, I know, when your water tastes funny! Too bad radioactivity and the chemicals not filtered by your water treatment plant in your water are tasteless and odorless. They only truly treat for bacteria and infectious agents. The antidepressants, meth, and anti-psychotics your neighbor is on, so are you! :-)  Disturbing, yes, but the truth:
 What do water treatment plants treat?

Unfortunately, the best they can do is up to 90% with any pollutant.

Radioactive compounds are water soluble, you can't filter them, unless you use very expensive devices that the general public health system can not afford,

What exactly is the Spice? Who is this guy floating around?
He probably visited Epstein's island. Too bad that video feed went down in his prison cell. Weirdly, it has a pizzagate element.

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